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About Us

Welcome to Jax Express Logistics

 Jax Express Logistics we believe that success is a decision, and behind every good Driver is a great Dispatcher. Jax Express Logistics is a family-owned dispatching company that was established to help professional truck drivers in need of dispatching services. Our team of dispatchers are committed to work non-stop to get quality loads at higher rates. We sign and take care of all necessary documents. So, all that is left for you to do is drive. Putting our clients first and maximizing their truck profits is Jax Express Logistics lifestyle. We are committed to doing what is right for you!

Our Mission And Vision

Our mission is to empower entrepreneurs to start and run a successful business, through building strong relationships with our training and expertise, we will equip you with everything you need to succeed. We are committed to your success!

Expert Staff

Pride ourselves in finding top loads

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